Head of Design, UI/UX designer, wonderer,explorer and all round creative.

After graduating from Design school in France, I worked in Paris as an Interactive Designer on Research & Development Design Experience. I started traveling the world and two years ago, I moved to San Francisco where I’m currently working at Genymobile, the leading Android expert behind Genymotion.

I am… passionate about outdoors, travel and extreme sports. I have an insatiable desire to explore the world and I carry a real love for food and well being. I can be found practicing Olympic Lifting, learning about sport’s programming, planning my next hiking trip or cooking a new amazing recipe.
I’m inspired by nature exploration and people’s abilities.

As a nomad spirit I am fascinated by technology and how it brings people together. I care about nurturing talents for every projects.
I enjoy figuring out how to make things work better and I consider the Design Direction to be crucial in creating effective communication and intuitive interfaces.

I am not… Good at telling jokes (I tell the punch line before everything else and I can’t help it).

Skills & Tools

Head of Design - 3 years experience
Design Product & Strategy - 4 years experience
UX/UI Design - 7 years experience
Adobe Suite - 7 years experience
In Vision - 3 years experience
Sketch - 2 years experience

Want to know more?

I’ve learned that when a person feels supported she is able to find purpose.

5 years ago I started an incredible adventure which today is starting to take shape.
Passionate about functional training and nutrition for years, I have stored a lot of knowledge, met people wonderfully inspiring, and made grow my passion to be able to embark on a new adventure.

Today I am an athlete and a Nutrition Coach. First as a manager, then as a Nutrition Coach & fitness coach student I’ve learned that when a person feels supported and empowered, she is able to find a purpose and achieve her goals.

I believe that helping people through wellness services to feel, perform and live better is incredibly meaningful.

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